Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

If you are at Subway and thinking if it accepts payment through Apple Pay, then yes! You do not need to bother much because Apple Pay is accepted at Subway. So, enjoy your meal and pay using Apple Pay with a few simple steps.

In this guide, we will be talking about every other thing related to Apple Pay at Subway.

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Does Subway Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Subway takes payment through Apple Pay. You can easily make payment for your food at Subway using your Apple Pay wallet. It is a secure, reliable, and convenient payment option available for you.

Does subway take apple pay online

Almost all the locations of Subway accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Now that you are clear that Apple Pay is accepted at Subway. You must be thinking about how to make payments using Apple Pay at Subway, right? Well, you will know it all as soon as you reach the end of this blog.

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How To Make Payment At Subway Using Apple Pay?

Now that you know Subway takes payment through Apple Pay. You must be thinking about how to make payments using Apple Pay at Subway, right? Well, here is the step-by-step process :-

  • Find The Contactless Scanner

Before visiting a particular Subway location, find out whether that location accepts Apple Pay or not. For that, look for the contactless payment reader available at Subway. If it is there, then that Subway location accepts Apple Pay.

  • Make The Order

Then, pick your favorite sandwich, salad, or wrap and enjoy. After you’re done eating, go towards the checkout counter.

  • Activate Apple Pay

After that, activate your Apple Pay on your device to make payment. To activate Apple Pay, double-tap the side button of your iPhone or iWatch.

  • Authorize The Payment

Then,  your Apple device will ask you to use your face ID or Touch ID to authorize the payment. Or you can even enter the passcode of your device.

  • Payment Complete

After the payment process is completed, you will receive a notification on your Apple device. The payment will be recorded in the wallet app.

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How To Pay Using Apple Pay Through McDonald’s App?

If you want to make a payment at Subway using its application. Then you can do it easily. Wondering how? Keep reading to know :-

  • Firstly, make your order at Subway using the application. Then, go to the checkout section on the Subway application.
  • Then, choose the option ” Purchase using Apple Pay” as a payment mode. However, if Apple Pay is already installed on your phone, then this option will come automatically. On choosing Apple Pay, your payment will be made using Apple Pay only.
  • After that, enter the amount and complete the payment by tapping two times and entering your passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.
  • Wait a few seconds for the payment confirmation. When your payment is completed, you will see a tick mark on your screen. That means, your payment is completed.

This way, you can make payments using the Subway application.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Subway?

When it comes to the benefits of using Apple Pay then they are plenty!

  • Contactless Transactions

Since the advent of Covid-19, contactless payments have been preferred by individuals. Apple Pay is a contactless payment method where you are not required to touch any object to pay for your transaction.

The transactions are completed in a proper hygienic way.

  • Rewards And Loyalty

Some locations of Subway offer the integration of loyalty and reward programs with Apple Pay. This way, you can earn points as well as redeem the offers easily.

  • Security

Apple Pay is the most secure payment method. It makes use of multiple layers of security to keep your information safe. The card details and other financial data are never shared with any third party, keeping your information safe and secure.

Not only this, but your card number is also not stored on any Apple server/device.

  • Speed

Apple Pay is known for its speed because making payments using Apple Pay is speedier than any other payment mode like cards or cash. You just need to bring your device near the payment reader, authorize it and you are done.

What Other Payment Methods Are Available At Subway?

If you are searching for an alternate payment method at Subway, then below is the list of payment methods accepted at Subway :-

  • Transit Card

You can make use of your transit card, like MTA MetroCard to make payment for your Subway fare. You can purchase these transit cards at the vending machines in the Subway stations. Also, you can get them refilled as well.

Moreover, some transit cards offer various benefits and discounts as well.

  • Subway App

The Subway application lets you order and make payment for your meal on time. This way, you can easily skip standing in long queues. You get your food quickly without having to wait.

However, the application does not support Apple Pay currently. But worry not, you can still use your debit or credit card to make payment for your purchases.

  • Target

Just in case you are shopping at Target. Then you can use the Target application to make payment for your Subway fare. All that you need to do is, add your Subway gift card to the Target application. And then you can use it to pay for your Subway meal.

  • Cash

Cash being the most widely accepted payment method is also accepted at Subway. All the Subway locations accept payment through cash.

  • Credit And Debit Cards

To offer ease and convenience to customers, Subway accepts major types of debit cards and credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

All that you are required to do is swipe your card in the payment terminal. Then make sure to enter your PIN and the amount to complete the transaction.

Conclusion :-

Let’s call it a wrap! Apple Pay is accepted at Subway. It has become a very popular and mostly used payment method. All because of its ease of use, flexibility, security, and other such features. Moreover, using it to make payments is also not rocket science, it is pretty easy.

All that you need to do is, follow a few simple steps and you’re done! So next time you visit Subway, stay assured that it accepts Apple Pay payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Subway take EBT?

Yes, Subway accepts EBT cards but only at a few locations that take part in the Restaurant Meals Program. The acceptance of EBT cards differs by location and state. Whoever wishes to use EBT at Subway must first enquire at Subway to check if it is accepted at that particular location or not.

Does Subway take AMEX (American Express)?

Yes, most of the locations of Subway accept American Express as a method of payment. It is a very popularly accepted card and Subway being such a big brand accepts AMEX.

Is It Safe To Use Apple Pay at Subway?

Yes, it is safe and secure to use Apple Pay At Subway. Apple Pay is mainly known for its security and safety features.

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