How To Get FOXXD T8 Tablet Government For Free?

Do you want to get a FOXXD T8 tablet government for free? Then this article is for you! The FOXXD T8 tablet is a popular tablet model manufactured by FOXX Development Inc. The famous wireless company is a participant in the government assistance program through which it provides free tablets to eligible individuals.

So, if you come from a financially backward background where you can’t purchase a tablet, don’t worry! Because we can help you get a free one! A tablet is a very useful device that can help you explore the world of the internet and technology, and that can bring you new and wonderful opportunities.

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we will share with you tips and steps that can help you get a free tablet. All you have to do is stay tuned, read the article thoroughly, and follow our guided steps. We promise that after going through this post, you will receive a Foxxd t8 tablet free in no time. So, let’s dive in shall we?

How To Get A FOXXD T8 Tablet Government?

You know by now that the FOXX Development Inc. wireless company is a participant in the government program. So, one of the best ways to get a FOXXD T8 Tablet government for free is the Affordable Connectivity Program.

To get a free tablet, you must be a qualifying member of the ACP program. However, to be so, you must be an eligible individual. You can prove your eligibility in terms of either income or program participation. Follow the below-mentioned steps to become an eligible individual for the ACP program.

For Income-Based Eligibility

If you wish to become an eligible participant in the ACP program then you must satisfy the Income qualification criteria determined by the FCC. To qualify the income-based qualification criteria:

  • Your overall annual household earnings must not exceed 200% of the FPL guidelines.

For Program Based Eligibility

If you wish to get a free FOXXD T8 tablet government, then you must be a proven participant in any one of the following programs.

  • Lifeline
  • Tribal TANF
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Head Start
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Reduced-Price and Free School Lunch Program
  • School Breakfast Program, encompassing U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision schools

Apart from these eligibility criteria, the individual must be at least 18 years old or above. Also, the individual must be an independent minor and a resident of the state where the company operates.

The rule to be a beneficiary member of the ACP program is that there must be only one member from each household to claim the benefit. So, apart from qualifying the above criteria, you must also ensure that there is only one applicant from your household.

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Documents Required To Get A FOXXD T8 Tablet Government For Free

If you are reading this section, then you have most likely qualified for the above eligibility criteria. However, to get a FOXXD T8 tablet government for free, you must submit certain documents. These documents are important to prove that you are an eligible member of the ACP program.

We have already enlisted the list of documents based on your eligibility criteria. Check them to know the documents you will be required to submit while applying for a free Foxx t8 tablet.

To Prove Your Annual Income

If you have cracked the eligibility criteria based on your annual income, then you will have to provide the following documents :-

  • Tax return
  • Pay stubs
  • Paycheck receipts
  • Divorce decree
  • Child support award
  • Latest income statement

To Prove Your Participation In Any Government Assistance Program

If you have cracked the eligibility criteria based on your participation in any government program, you will have to provide the following documents :-

  • Benefit award letter
  • Statement of benefits
  • Approval letter
  • Benefit verification letter

To Prove Your Identity

Now, irrespective of how you are eligible to receive a free Foxx tablet, you must provide your proof of identification.

Below are the list of documents you will have to provide to confirm your identification :-

  • Utility bill
  • Duplicate address
  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license
  • Identity verification proof document like a government-issued ID or passport
  • Liberty proof

How To Apply For A Free FOXXD T8 Tablet From The Government?

With the above list of documents, you can now easily apply for a FOXXD T8 tablet government. However, you might receive a free or discounted tablet based on your overall application analysis.

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Now coming to the application part, there are 3 ways through which you can apply. These 3 application procedure methods include :-

  • By mail
  • Through online
  • With the help of your chosen service provider.

To help you out with the different types of application procedure methods, we have provided application steps below. Based on your convenience you can easily choose either of these application methods to apply for a tablet. They are as follows:

If you wish to apply for a tablet through the mail option, then follow the below steps :-

If you are not that tech-savvy and you find it hard to understand the intricacies of technology, then this method is the best option for you. Since this method deals with hard copies, you can easily apply for a free tablet with this method.

Just follow the below steps for a smooth application process :-

Step 1 :-

Firstly, you will have to visit the website “” and download the application form.

Step 2 :-

Along with the application form which you can download from the above provided link you will also have to download a household form. You can easily download this sheet by visiting “”.

Step 3 :- 

After you have successfully downloaded these two forms from the above link, you can get your application process started. All you have to do now is to fill in all your key information. Make sure all your information is correct. Once done attach all the hard copies of your eligibility and personal documents.

Step 4 :- 

Finally, when you have attached everything, review your application one last time before mailing it. To mail the document, you will have to send it to: PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

If you wish to apply for a tablet through the online method, then follow the below steps :-

Step 1 :-

To get started with your application process, first visit the website: “”. Then you will have to add in all your details like your ZIP code, and state, and then click on the ‘Get started’ option.

Step 2 :-

In case you don’t have an active account of yours, then first create one to sign in with your details. But if you already have an account then you can easily log in using your login credentials and go to the application form.

Step 3 :-

Once you have reached the application form page, complete it with all your details. You will have to provide your details like your date of birth, name, and so on.

Step 4 :-

Once you have completed filling out your application form you will have to attach soft copies of your eligibility and personal documents. After you have successfully attached these documents, your application will be ready to submit.

Step 5 :-

However, before submitting your application form, make sure all the details that you have entered in your form are accurate. Once you are sure everything is okay then you can submit your application by clicking on the ‘Next’ option.

However apart from the mail and online method, you can also apply for a discounted tablet with the help of your service provider. You must choose a service provider that actively operates and provides service in your area.

Before applying with the help of your service provider, you must ensure that you satisfy the eligibility requirements that we have stated above. This will help your application get approved at the first stage without fail.

Once you satisfy the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, fill out your application form and attach all the required documents. Based on your eligibility type, we have already provided a list of documents you will need to provide.

Do refer to our list while attaching your documents with your application so that you don’t miss out on any. Once done, submit your application form with the help of your service provider and wait for further updates on your application.

What Is The Specification Of The FOXXD t8 Tablet Government?

The FOXXD T8 tablet comes with numerous latest features that are very impressive.

Some of the top features of this tablet are listed below :-

  • Storage

The FOXXD T8 tablet comes with 2GB RAM and a ROM of 32GB. This tablet comes with a lot of storage space. So you can easily store your videos, photos, data, and so on. Also, this tablet ensures that you can easily multitask with smooth operation.

  • Network Support

The tablet has a 4G LTE network support feature. This feature allows you to use fast and reliable internet at a great speed for streaming, browsing, and downloading.

  • Display

The FOXXD T8 tablet also has an 8-inch display screen. This enables you to watch videos, play games, or even browse the internet on a broad display screen.

  • Battery Life

The FOXXD T8 tablet comes with a 4000 mAh durable battery life. So you can use your tablet for a very long time without the constant interruption of charging now and then.

These are some of the best FOXXD T8 tablet government specifications you can expect to receive for free or at a discounted rate.

What Is The Alternative Way Of Getting A Free FOXXD t8 Tablet Apart From The Government?

Are wondering whether you can get a FOXXD T8 tablet with the help of an alternative way if not from the government? Yes, there is! We understand that getting a free FOXXD T8 tablet from the government requires a lot of processes and eligibility criteria that you must fulfill.

So, if you don’t want to go through all the steps of documentation, eligibility criteria, and application process for a free tablet read below :-

  • You can check with your nearby church, provincial school, or library for a free FOXXD T8 tablet
  • You can also get a free tablet from any non-profit organization or charity through

Conclusion :-

The FOXXD T8 tablet is a great device that you can get for free or at a discounted price. It comes with a variety of features and other benefits that you can explore. Also, with the tablet, you can discover a bunch of useful options for yourself online. You can explore free courses to upgrade your skills, search for a job, and so on to progress further. So, if you are eligible to get a FOXXD T8 tablet government, don’t delay! Follow our comprehensive guide to get a tablet as soon as possible and give shape to your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FOXXD T8 tablet customer service number?

The customer service number for the FOXXD T8 tablet is 855-855-FOXX (Toll-free). If you have any queries or doubts regarding the tablet, you can reach customer service at the given number.

What is the FOXX T8 pro tablet review?

Based on the above specifications and overall customer review of the FOXXD T8 tablet, we can say that this is a great device.

Which one is better: the FOXXD T8 plus tablet or the FOXXD T8 pro tablet?

Both the FOXXD T8 pro tablet and the FOXXD T8 plus tablet are Android and come with 4G LTE. Based on your needs and preferences, however, you can prefer either of these over the other. If you want a larger screen, more memory, and longer battery life, you may prefer the FOXXD T8 Pro tablet. However, if you want a more compact and lightweight device, you may prefer the FOXXD T8 Plus tablet.

Is the FOXX Android tablet good?

Depending on the connectivity, functionality, and specifications, it can be said that the FOXX Android tablet is good.

How can I initiate activation on the FOXXD T8 tablet government?

To activate your FOXXD T8 tablet government you will have to follow the instructions that will be provided to you with the tablet. You might have to contact your network provider and give them your SIM card and IMEI number. You will also have to insert your SIM card into the SIM tray and switch it on. Once your tablet is activated, you will be able to access different services from your tablet.

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