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Imagine you receive a free tablet from government, how happy you would be right? Well…your imagination has come true! You can get free tablets from the government if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. In this blog, we are going to let you know everything about free government tablets. From the eligibility requirements, and application process to everything else.

This world is running on the internet, and everybody should have access to the internet. That is why, the government has come up with this initiative to provide access to the Internet to low-income families. In this initiative, the government provides free tablets to low-income households and those who cannot afford them. Excited to know more about it? Keep reading.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Getting A Free Government Tablet?

Before filling out the application form, you need to understand the eligibility requirements for getting a free tablet from government. There are certain documents that you need to show as proof of eligibility. They are:

How to apply for free government tablet

  • Eligibility proof
  • Photo ID proof
  • Contact details
  • Income proof
  • Residence proof
  • Salary slip

Check The Requirements

Remember that the eligibility criteria vary from state to state as well as organization to organization. That’s why it is always better to go to the official website to check the requirements of that particular location.

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Explore Different Options

If you do not have the necessary documents, then make sure to get them as quickly as possible. The chances of getting a free government tablet increase when you have all the documents ready with you.

Consider The Additional Resources

If you are not financially strong, then you can consider some additional resources as well.

Keep in mind that, before starting your application process for getting a free government tablet, it is very important to understand the eligibility requirements and gather all the required documents.

How To Apply For A Free Tablet From The Government?

If you are from a low-income household who can’t afford a tablet, computer, or internet connection. Well, here is something good for you! There is this program, known as a free tablet program, started by the government. With the help of this program, eligible households get free tablets.

Now you must be confused about the application procedure and all, right? Don’t stress this much, we are going to cover everything in this blog. The application process is pretty simple. You can easily make an application through the official website of the government.

Adhere to these quick steps to make an application to get your free tablet.

How To Get A Free Maxwest Nitro 8 Tablet From The Government


  • Choose The Right Program

Begin by finding the government program that gives free tablets. All these programs are designed specifically to support low-income individuals who cannot afford tablets.

  • Understand the Application Process

As soon as you have chosen the program, then carefully understand the whole process of application. Different programs have different procedures( application mode). Also, to make your application successful, follow all the given instructions carefully.

  • Fill Application Form

After you are done understanding the application process, fill out the application form. Fill in all the required details such as name, contact, eligibility criteria, etc. After completing the application form, make sure to double-check it to avoid any kind of errors in the form.

  • Collect Necessary Documents

Then, you are required to gather all the necessary documents required for the application process. Various government programs need your documents to verify your eligibility.

So, keep all the documents like income proof, identity proof, and residential proof ready with you. Keep in mind that these documents must be updated.

  • Submit The Application

Now that you have filled out your application form and gathered all the necessary documents, the next step is to apply. You can submit it online, through mail, or offline as well.

  • Follow Up

Do not just forget after submitting the application form, stay connected and keep checking the progress. Make sure to check the status, and provide additional information if needed.

  • Wait for Approval

If your application form gets accepted, then you will be given instructions on how you can get your free tablet. It can get delivered to your home or you can even pick it up from the location.

Here ends the process of applying for free tablets by the government. Do not worry if the process takes a little longer than expected. Stay patient and trust the process. If your application process is correct, then you will surely get selected to get a free tablet from the government.

Who Is Offering Free Government Tablets For Low Income Families?

Various companies offer free tablets for low income families .They are as follows :-

  • Assurance Wireless

You must have already heard about the  free government tablet Assurance Wireless tablet, right? The network coverage of this tablet is best in the United States.

The best thing is that they also participate in the free tablet program by the government. Assurance Wireless offers free tablets and affordable internet services to people who cannot afford it.

But this program is only available in certain areas. Once it has been given to an individual, it cannot be transferred to someone else. To find out where they offer their services, you need to visit their official website and check there.

  • QLink Wireless

Another free government tablet program on our list is QLink Wireless.  It offers free tablets to low-income households through ACP programs. With the free government tablet with internet, you can also get free text messages, talk time, and data as well. But for that, you need to be eligible for it.

The free plan offered by QLink provides many features such as unlimited text messages, unlimited calling, unlimited data, visual messages, etc. Also, it offers features such as voicemail, free wifi access, emergency calls, three-way calling, SIM card as well as activation.

How To Get Qlink Wireless Free Tablet

QLink is one of the biggest network providers in the United States. So, make sure to apply for a free government tablet at QLink.

  • Cintex Wireless

Moving on to the next free government tablet provider in our list, that is Cintex Wireless. It is also a well-known wireless service provider in the United States.

They offer top-quality iOS as well as Android devices to low-income families. Moreover, Context Wireless provides second-hand branded cell phones and tablets to low-income households. The free plans by Cintex Wireless come with unlimited talk time, data, and messages.

Their free services are offered mostly in West Virginia, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, and Arkansas.

  • Maxsip Telecom

The next and last one on our list is Maxsip Telecom. It has also partnered with the ACP program and gives free tablets to customers who are qualified and eligible, check and apply.

The places where this program offers its services are Tennessee, Virginia, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, Mississippi, Montana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii.

Maxsip offers free tablets to eligible households. The offer depends on your location as well as availability. What’s different about Maxsip is that you also get access to ACP discounts on your internet services.

What Are The Inbuilt Apps In Free Government Tablets?

Various free government tablet applications are built into the free tablets. These applications are mainly created to assist users in several tasks, mainly internet access.

  • Internet Access

You know what? The free government tablet comes with an application that provides access to the internet without actually having internet access. This application is also important to have access to online government services.

In addition to this, you can also send/receive email using this application.  All in all, it helps in staying connected with the world.

  • Finance Management

Managing finance has become very important. That’s why this free government tablet also comes with an application that helps in managing finances. The users can easily keep track of their spending and savings.


You can send and receive emails using this application that comes pre-installed on the free government tablet. You can stay up-to-date and connected using this application.

Conclusion :-

With this, we conclude our blog on “Everything You Need To Know About The Free Government Tablets”. The government offers free tablets to individuals who cannot afford them and are deprived of them. The main aim of this program is to offer tablets to everyone so that they can stay connected using the internet. Also, so they can have access to the internet which is a basic need.

Above, we have mentioned everything that you should know about free government tablets. To get the tablet, you just need to check your eligibility, gather all the necessary documents, and complete the application process.

So, start your application and grab yours now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for a free government tablet?

To apply for the free government tablet, first check your eligibility. Once you have checked your eligibility, make sure to fill out the application form and gather all the necessary documents.

What is the use of a free government tablet for?

Well, the government is providing these free tablets for a  reason. And that reason is to offer access to the internet to poor individuals. These tablets can be used for different purposes such as having access to the internet, education, communication, entertainment, and a lot more.

What documents are required to apply for a free government tablet?

The following documents are required to make an application for a free government tablet. Your identity proof, income proof, residential proof, etc. Once you submit these documents, your chances of getting selected increase.

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