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Imagine having your favorite TV channel plans and other services all bundled together in ATT TV Packages. Seems quite convenient. Tech Roadies will given everything in details.

AT&T TV offers a streaming version of the DIRECTV service with various plans, including Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. Which plan will you opt for? Which best suits your needs? How much will it cost? All your questions will be answered in this article.

We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect AT&T package that fits your budget, caters to your internet speed requirements, or provides you with all the channels you need to relax and unwind. Let’s delve deeper.

What Is AT&T TV?

AT&T TV was launched in March 2020 as the primary live-streaming service offered by AT&T. AT&T has recently revamped its service to keep up with the ever-growing competition in the live-streaming industry. The updates have made their platform more user-friendly and aligned with the current streaming trends.

With millions of customers, AT&T’s network reaches almost every region of the United States. They’re especially popular in cities, with the most customers in California, Florida, and Texas.

AT&T provides customers with a distinctive TV viewing experience, offering a wide range of TV packages and bundles and appealing new customer promotions. The company has received a high customer satisfaction rating from JD Power. Before switching to AT&T TV, potential customers need all the necessary details about the service.

Subscribers now have the flexibility to choose whether or not to sign on to a two-year contract and use the AT&T streaming box, as these features are no longer mandatory. AT&T TV plan includes a variety of plans that can be paid for every month. The live streaming service is also compatible with other streaming devices like Google Chromecast or Roku.

But how much is AT&T TV offering, and cost?  In the upcoming section, we will suggest some of the best TV and Internet packages. If you need more info about how to get free Ipad, just click here.

AT&T TV And Internet Packages And It’s Pricing

  • Overview Of AT&T TV Packs

ATT TV Packages offers four main packages for customers to choose from. Each option includes the AT&T TV device, provides live TV access, and offers 500 hours of cloud DVR storage. Recordings are automatically deleted after 90 days. Current offers include 12 months of HBO and a three-month subscription to Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Epix with any package.

A two-year subscription contract is required, and the monthly fee changes after the initial year. Early termination incurs a penalty of $15 per month for each remaining month in the contract.

The AT&T TV price structure for each package is as follows:

Entertainment :- The monthly cost for Entertainment is $49.99 for the first year, but it increases to $93 per month afterwards.

Choice :- The cost for Choice is $54.99 per month for the initial year and then increases to $110 per month.

Ultimate :- Ultimate is priced at $69.99 per month for the initial year, after which it increases to $135 per month.

Premier :- The streaming service’s most expensive option is the “Premier” package, priced at $139.99 monthly.

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  • AT&T TV Package Offerings

Every AT&T cable package comes with a unique selection of channels, and there are also premium channels available for an extra cost that can be added to any package.

Entertainment :- The Entertainment package provides a wide range of on-demand titles and a live TV lineup that includes popular channels such as ESPN, TNT, AMC, HGTV, FX, USA, Nickelodeon, and several other cable networks.

Choice :- Choice provides 45,000 on-demand titles and expands its live TV offering with local sports, leisure, and news channels. Some channels included are Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and the Cooking and Travel channels.

Ultimate :- All your favorite sports, movies, news, and international channels are included in Ultimate’s library of 55,000 on-demand selections. It includes many features ,along with the Starz network of channels.

Premier :- The premier package offers over 340 channels, including a wide range of local stations, sports and entertainment networks, and premium channels such as CINEMAX, Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

If you want to know exactly which channels are included in which AT&T TV bundle, you can search for that information on the AT&T TV channels page.

  • Overview Of AT&T Internet Plans And Prices

AT&T provides diverse internet service choices, ensuring connectivity regardless of your location. Choosing fiber is highly recommended for fast and reliable Internet, especially if it’s available in your area. AT&T offers fiber connections with speeds up to 5 Gbps in certain regions. However, speeds between 300 to 500 Mbps are usually sufficient for remote work, streaming on multiple devices, and online gaming.

Currently, the company has one plan that costs $55 monthly if you use autopay and paperless billing. You don’t have to commit to a contract; the price stays the same for the first 12 months. The plan comes with the AT&T All-Fi Hub, and customers can set it up easily.

  • AT&T Fiber Offering

Plan 1: Internet 300

Best for:

  • Streaming videos.
  • Reasonably fast download speeds.
  • More budget-friendly option.

The Internet 300 plan offers a speed of 300 Mbps, approximately one-third of the fastest fibre plan available. At just $55 per month plus tax, this plan provides enough speed for most homes while offering a reduced monthly charge. With a speed of 300 Mbps, you can easily stream multiple ultra-high definition movies simultaneously without experiencing any lag or issues during regular internet usage.

Plan 2: Internet 500

Best for:

  • Several users are online.
  • Swift download speeds.
  • Seamless online gaming experience.

The Internet 500 plan is priced at $65 per month, plus tax, and offers a $5 monthly discount for automatic payments. Although it provides approximately half the speed of Internet 1000, a 500 Mbps speed is typically sufficient for the needs of most households. To put it into perspective, Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 25 Mbps for its highest-quality video, while high definition requires just 5 Mbps. Therefore, the Internet 500 plan is 500 times faster than necessary for such video streaming.

Plan 3: Internet 1000

Best for:

  • Heavy data user.
  • Well-suited for large families with diverse online needs.c
  • Ultra-fast download speeds make it perfect for online gaming enthusiasts.

AT&T’s Internet 1000 stands as the entry-level fibre optic internet package. This package ensures remarkably high download speeds, nearly instant loading times for web pages, and sufficient bandwidth to simultaneously support multiple household members streaming movies or shows. This plan costs $80 per month, plus tax, with the inclusion of automatic payments.

Plan 4: Internet 2000

Best for:

  • Households with multiple users online simultaneously.
  • Ultra-fast download speeds.
  • Seamless and fast internet experience.

Internet 2000 delivers impressive download and upload speeds of 2 Gbps, exceeding the average household’s needs. Positioned as a mid-tier fibre plan, it’s an excellent choice for remote workers and online gamers seeking top-notch video connections, rapid downloads, and seamless streaming. Starting at $110 per month, the plan offers competitive monthly costs.

Plan 5: Internet 5000

Best for:

  • Heavy internet usage by multiple users.
  • Ultra-fast download speeds for downloading large files.
  • Seamless videoconferencing, online gaming, and live streaming.

AT&T’s premium fibre internet plan is Internet 5000, boasting impressive download and upload speeds of 5 Gbps. While this might be more than the average household requires, it’s an ideal choice for those with heavy internet usage from multiple users who seek top-notch quality. To ensure the best experience, ensure your equipment can handle these high speeds. Starting at $180 monthly, this plan is AT&T’s most expensive internet offering.

Unlike many TV service providers with costly packages and unreliable connections, AT&T bundles TV and internet plans are worth considering. They offer clearly defined channel lineups, affordable packages, and reliable connections in most areas.

AT&T U-verse TV Packages And Deals

U-verse is AT&T’s latest network of home phone, Internet, and television services. It utilizes cutting-edge technology like fiber-optic cable. Data transmission via fiber optics is far more efficient than via standard wire. U-verse offers customers high-speed Internet, a wide range of home phone options, and stunning HD picture quality. AT&T U-verse packages for existing customers offer a variety of U-verse packages to cater to different customer preferences and budgets. To order AT&T U-verse, you can contact (855) 650-4217.

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Basic U-verse Triple Play

U-verse Triple Play is perfect for families with diverse entertainment needs, providing :-

  • Up to 6 Mbps download speeds for multiple users.
  • Enjoy family-friendly channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.
  • Access HD video streaming and a vast library of 300,000+ movies and TV shows on U-verse On Demand.
  • Seamless online gaming experience.
  • Get 300 popular television channels and a Total Home DVR capable of recording four programs simultaneously.
  • Unlimited calling across the United States.

Home Office U-verse

U-verse offers a package tailored for remote workers, providing :-

  • Fast Internet speeds with a maximum of 12 Mbps download.
  • Affordable and reliable digital phone service.
  • Internet speeds are suitable for various online applications.
  • Over 20 advanced calling features.
  • Unlimited nationwide calling.

U-verse Double Play

This plan is ideal for students. U-verse Double Play offers :-

  • Max 18 Mbps download speeds for HD movie streaming and online gaming.
  • Solid internet connection for multiple devices and users.
  • Includes a Wi-Fi Gateway modem.
  • Seamless online gaming experience.
  • Choose from up to 390 standard television channels.
  • Total Home DVR, capable of recording four programs simultaneously.

U-verse Max Turbo

For avid gamers, U-verse Internet Max Turbo is a top choice offering :-

  • Blazing-fast 45 Mbps download speed.
  • AT&T’s Wi-Fi Gateway modem connects all Wi-Fi devices.
  • Simultaneous online gaming for multiple users.

Premium U-verse Triple Play

If you want faster internet speeds along with home phone and TV, U-verse has the perfect Triple Play package offering :-

  • Enjoy 570 premium and standard channels, including Showtime and HBO.
  • Max 24 Mbps download speed.
  • Total Home DVR included.
  • Max Turbo Internet for HD streaming, online gaming, and multiple users.
  • Unlimited calling across the United States.

U-verse TV And Internet Max

This plan is perfect for sports and movie lovers. U-verse TV and Internet Max package offers :-

  • A lineup of 570 premium and standard channels, including Showtime and HBO.
  • Max 18 Mbps download speed.
  • Total Home DVR and AT&T’s Wi-Fi Gateway modem.
  • Fast Internet for HD streaming, online gaming, and multiple users.
  • Over 300,000 movies and TV shows on U-verse On Demand.
  • Premium movie channels like Starz, Showtime, and HBO.
  • Sports channels include ESPN, MLB Extra Innings, and NFL Red Zone.

Conclusion :-

AT&T provides a diverse range of channels for its subscribers. Discover the extensive range of channels available with the ATT TV Packages, covering everything from news and sports to entertainment and lifestyle.

There are ATT TV and Internet package subscribers for the diverse interests of your entire family. With a wide range of choices, you’ll always have options for movie nights or sports games. AT&T offers U-verse packages that meet different demands of all customers.

Hope you find this article helpful. Make your choice from existing plans according to your needs and enjoy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AT&T TV distinct from DIRECTV?

Certainly. While AT&T TV and DIRECTV are under the same AT&T umbrella, they offer similar services at varying price points.

Are there bundle deals for existing AT&T customers?

AT&T might not have specific bundle deals for existing customers, but it’s worth a shot negotiating for the promotional prices available to new customers. Contact AT&T’s customer support at +1-800-288-2020, express your interest in bundling and inquire about securing the promotional prices featured on AT&T’s website.

What is the cost for AT&T channels?

The cost of  ATT TV Packages starts from 64.99$ to 89.99$.

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