Does 7-11 Take Apple Pay?

Does 7-11 take payment through Apple Pay? We know this question might be running in your mind. That’s why we are here with this blog post. Here we are going to let you know whether 7-11 takes Apple Pay or not.

By the end, you will surely get all your answers. Before answering your question, let us first know what 7-11 is.

What Is 7-11?

7-11 is a convenience store for beverages, food, snacks, gas, and a lot more things. It was founded in 1927 in America. Various convenience stores are operated by 7-11 all around the globe.

Currently, there are over 78,000 7-11 stores doing operations in 18 countries. This makes 7-11 the biggest convenience stores around the globe.

The best thing about 7-11 is that it stays open 24 hours a day. Moreover, 7-11 offers a wide range of goods and services, including snacks, groceries, drinks, gasoline, lottery tickets, and many other products to the customers.

7-11 is a convenience store and it aims at offering convenience to the customers. For that, it accepts payment through different modes. But does it accept payment through Apple Pay? Well, let’s know about it.

Does 7-11 Take Apple Pay?

If you’re thinking about whether 7-11 takes Apple Pay or not, then stop wondering because 7-11 accepts Apple Pay.

Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can conveniently make payments at 7-11 using Apple Pay. You do not have to worry about taking your cards or cash with you, instead, you can easily pay through Apple Pay.

It is the most convenient, simple, and secure way of paying for your purchases.

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How To Use Apple Pay At 7-11?

Using Apple Pay at 7-11 is quite simple. You just need to have an Apple device to do so :-
How to use apple pay at 7-11

  • First, you need to add your debit or credit card to the wallet app on your Apple device.
  • Then, when you are ready to make the payment for your purchases, bring your device near the contactless reader at the checkout. 
  • After that, authorize the payment using your touch ID or face ID.

But you must keep in mind that not all locations 7-11 accept Apple Pay. That’s why you must confirm first before visiting that particular location. 

To find out whether any particular store takes Apple Pay or not. Go to the payment options at the checkout of that store or directly you can contact the store.

So, if you are looking for an easy and quick way to make purchases at 7-11, then paying through Apple Pay is the best option you can get.

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What Are The Benefits Of Making Payments Through Apple Pay?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to Apple Pay. Some are :-

  1. Convenience

By using Apple Pay, users can easily make payments without having to stand in queues or carry cash or cards.

All in all, it’s a great payment method that is super quick, convenient, and easy.

  1. Discounts And Rewards

The customers earn some rewards and discounts each time they make a payment using Apple Pay at 7-11. This way, customers can save money too.

  1. Security

Apple Pay is synonymous with Security. Using Apple Pay to make payments is the most secure and safe. It keeps your financial data safe.

Moreover, customers’ credit or debit card information also remains confidential. They never keep information on the device, nor is it shared with the other merchants.

Apple Pay takes proper care of customer safety. That’s why there are rare to no chances of data breaches when it comes to Apple Pay.

  1. Contactless Payment

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method, meaning you do not have to touch any surface to make a payment. Simply, you need to tap on your Apple device to pay for your purchases.

It is the most hassle-free and easy way of making payments.

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What Other Payment Methods Does 7-11 Accept?

Most of the 7-11 stores take payment through Apple Pay. But does it take any other payment method? Yes, it considers every customer, that’s why it accepts payment through other modes too.

C’mon, Let’s find out what other payment methods are accepted at 7-11! They are :-

  • All kinds of Debit cards.
  • All types of Credit cards such as Visa, Discover, American Express, etc.
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Gift Cards
  • 7-11 Cards 
  • Cash etc. are accepted modes of payment at 7-11.

Moreover, some 7-11 stores also accept payment through EBT. But, there are some restrictions regarding purchasing items when it comes to paying through EBT.

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How To Find A 7-11 Store That Accepts Apple Pay Near Me?

We understand as all 7-11 stores do not accept payment through Apple Pay, you must be thinking about how to find a location that accepts Apple Pay, right?

Don’t bother, there is a quick way to find out the nearest 7-11 location. All you need is Apple Maps and your Apple device. Then, you should follow these steps :-

  • Go to Apple Maps.
  • Ask Siri or search for a 7-11 store near me.
  • Then, tap on the one you wish to visit.
  • Scroll a little, and go to the information section.
  • If it has a contactless payment logo or “Accepting Apple Pay”, then it accepts Apple Pay. You don’t need to take your cards or cash then, you can easily make Apple Pay payments then! 

But if that store doesn’t accept Apple Pay, then you need to take your cards and cash with you.

Conclusion :-

To summarize, 7-11 accepts payments through Apple Pay. We would say that Apple Pay is the best payment method that you can use. It is the most convenient, secure, and reliable payment method of making payments.

So, next time you visit 7-11, make sure to pay using Apple Pay.

Got any doubts or confusions? Don’t worry, we are right here to assist you, Ping us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 7-11 accept Samsung Pay?

7-11 accepts payments through Samsung Pay. You can easily make in-store payments at 7-11 through Apple Pay.

Do we get cashback while using Apple Pay?

Yes, you can earn cashback when you make payments through Apple Pay. If you shop regularly at 7-11, then you can earn regular cashback.

Is Apple Pay a safe payment method?

Yes, Apple Pay is the safest and most secure way to make payments for your purchases. Your data is safe and stays confidential when you pay using Apple Pay.

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