Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

If you’re hungry to the core and you’re near Panda Express and Apple Pay is the only payment option you use. You must be wondering if it takes payment through Apple Pay or not. If yes, then let us make it very clear that Apple Pay is accepted at Panda Express.

You can happily step into the restaurant, satisfy your hunger and pay using Apple Pay. It is now a widely acceptable payment method. Also, paying through Apple Pay is not a big task. Just a few steps and you’re done!

Does Panda Express Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Panda Express does take payments through Apple Pay. It is a contactless payment method that makes use of NFC technology to make payments.

Panda Express started taking payments through Apple Pay to offer convenience to customers. Moreover, this payment method is preferred by many brands now because of its added security features, ease of use, and all the other benefits.

With the arrival of Apple Pay, customers don’t have to rush and take their cash and card with them, and stand in long queues. All they need is their mobile phone( iPhone) and they can make transactions in a matter of seconds.

But what does Panda Express deal in? C’mon, let’s know all about it.

What Is Panda Express?

Panda Express is the largest and most widely known American fast food chain started in 1983 by Andrew and Peggy Cherng. The very first restaurant of Panda Express opened in Glendale, California.

Now it has more than 2000 locations only in the United States. The Panda Express stores are also in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and other countries as well.

The menu of Panda Express includes many mouthwatering dishes such as orange chicken, honey sesame chicken, honey walnut shrimp, Beijing beef, Angus steak, and a lot more.

Being one of the most popular restaurants, Panda Express provides the fastest payment options to customers. By quickest, we mean, Apple Pay!

In this blog post, we are going to discuss using Apple Pay in detail.

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How To Use Apple Pay At Panda Express?

Well, using Apple Pay is not rocket science! It’s super easy and quick. All you need is your Apple device and you’re well-equipped to make the transaction.
Use apple pay at panda express

Here are the steps :-

  1. Add Debit/Credit Card To The Wallet

Before using Apple Pay at Panda Panda Express, you are required to add your debit or credit card to Apple Wallet to be eligible to make payments. You need to follow these steps to do the same :-

  • Open your wallet on your Apple phone. 
  • Then, tap on the plus ‘+’ icon available in the top corner.
  • After that, follow all the prompts as suggested to add your card information.
  • Then, your credit/debit card will be added to the wallet once it is verified.
  • You’re now ready to make payment.
  1. Purchasing Using Apple Pay

After your debit/credit card is added to the wallet, then you are fully equipped to use Apple Pay. Here is how to do it :-

  • First, open the application of Panda Express on your Apple phone.
  • Then, make an order and proceed further toward the checkout screen.
  • After that tap on the ” Apple Pay” tab.
  • Then, bring your phone to the payment reader.
  • Make use of your face or touch ID to authenticate the payment. As the payment gets confirmed, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

This way, you can use Apple Pay to make payments for your orders. But you need to keep in mind that, Apple Pay does not accept payment for in-store purchases. You can only use Apple Pay in the Panda Express application.

Keeping it aside, Apple Pay is the quickest and easier way to make payments for your purchases. More than that, it is a secure method of payment as your financial data is not shared with any merchant. Make sure to use it, whenever you visit Panda Express.

What Are The Other Acceptable Payment Modes At Panda Express?

Panda Express takes care of each customer and aims to offer convenience to each one of them. That’s why it accepts payment through other modes as well.

You can select a payment method of your choice from multiple payment modes available at Panda Express.

As you already know it accepts Apple Pay, which is one of the best payment methods. But other than that, you can also use Google Pay at some Panda Express locations.

In addition to this, it also takes payment through various debit cards and credit cards such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. You can use these payment methods for drive-thru orders, and in-store orders.

After that, gift cards and most important- Cash, are also acceptable payment methods at Panda Express.  However, using Apple Pay is preferable by many because of its security features!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Panda Express?

Look, there are lots and lots of benefits to using Apple Pay at Panda Express. The word ‘Best’ won’t suffice! From ease of payment process to security and convenience, it offers a lot of benefits.

We will discuss them one by one here :-

  1. Security

The topmost advantage of using Apple Pay at Panda Express is security. It provides security and safety to the users. This happens by keeping private financial data safe and secure. They do not share that confidential data with anyone.

This way, the data stays safe and you can avoid frauds and scams.

  1. Convenience

It offers convenience to customers by providing an easy, quick, and simple payment service. All that you need to do is, scan the payment reader, enter the amount, and authenticate it using your face ID, Touch ID, or password. This way, the payment gets completed.

Also, there is no need to carry lots of cards and cash with you, just your Apple device is enough to make the payment.

  1. Time-Saving

This payment mode saves time as well! Because the customers do not have to stand in long queues and wait for a long time to make payment.

Using Apple Pay, they can make payments just by scanning the contactless payment reader in a matter of seconds. This way, it saves time.

  1. Cashbacks & Rewards

One other important benefit of Apple Pay is that by using it you can earn exciting rewards and cashbacks. This helps you in saving your money and earning some at the same time.

Conclusion :-

This is the end of the article. We have gathered all the important information and provided it to you in the best possible manner. We believe your questions and queries are now answered through our blog.

Apple Pay is the best, most popular, and most secure payment method available at Panda Express. It is a reliable payment method that doesn’t share personal and financial data with anyone else. Moreover, using Apple Pay at Panda Express is also simple.

So, next time you plan to visit Panda Express, make sure to pay using Apple Pay, if you have one. Also, get in touch with us, in case of any doubt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to undergo some verification when paying using Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple devices are best known for their security, that’s why you need to verify each step.

For that, you can verify using your face, touch, or even passcode. These are highly secured and reliable payment verification processes.

Does It Accept Samsung Pay?

Yes, it does accept payment through Samsung Pay. But all the locations of Panda Express do not take Samsung Pay payments. That’s why, you should confirm once before visiting.

How to Find a Panda Express location near me?

To find a Panda Express location near you that takes Apple Pay payments, you need to open Apple Maps. On maps, type Panda Express location near me.

Then, you’ll see many locations, select the one you want to visit and check if it accepts Apple Pay or not. If the contactless payment logo is present then it does accept payment through Apple Pay.

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